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Check out this free, award-winning game available for Mac OS X! You have captured some wicked cool bugs. Use your robot pinchers to pinch the bugs and keep them safe in the center circle. Guide them into power-ups and protect the peaceful bugs from scary creatures! BugThug features polished, vivid graphics, a killer original soundtrack, crisp stereo positional sound effects, and bugaliciously pinchertastic game-play! It’s easy on your Mac’s battery life and cooling fans, works great on a huge range of computers, and is a free game to download! Enjoy.

Download Now for OS X!


BugThug is a beautifully designed and implemented game that’s well worth checking out.
- Macworld Magazine (May 2005)
Best Newcomer Award, 2nd place in Best Overall Game, 1st place in Originality, 2nd place in Polish, 3rd place in Audio.
- uDevGames 2004