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Big Bang Brain Games

We’ve teamed up with Freeverse Software to bring you Big Bang Brain Games, an all new suite of games designed to stimulate the mind. Big Bang Brain games raises the bar for the puzzle game experience.

We harnesses the visual power of the Unity game engine to bring you an eye-popping 3D puzzle experience that you seldom see in casual games. Overall, there are six games we’ve created using all the hot sauce we could muster.

Reaction: Pop all the molecules in the fewest number of clicks. Deceptively simple, but requires clever planning.
Sudoku: Wildly popular and endlessly compelling! With over 50,000 puzzles included, you’ll never run out of challenges.
NovaSweeper: Test your Sherlock Holmes-ian powers of deduction with this long-time favorite. The gameplay may be familiar, but Minesweeper never looked this good!
Remembrance: Train your short-term memory with a classic game of Remembrance. Selecting the number of cards to memorize makes this game compelling for kids and adults alike.
Echo: Remembrance tests your spatial memory, now add an auditory twist to the experience. The Music of the Spheres will keep you dancing!
Fallacy: Philosophers have long emphasized logical reasoning as a means of discerning what is true. These Logical Fallacy quizzes may aid your own thinking in everyday life.

From score history charts to beautiful visuals to catchy music, you can understand when we say this: There are just too many gems packed into Big Bang Brain Games to list on this page, so head on over to the main site and see what’s in store. Say “Hi” to the hosts Sol, Luna, and Wisdom for us while you’re at it, please.

Reviews and Awards

Freeverse’s puzzle-game collection tests your ability to think through problems rather than just react to them, all ensconced in a gorgeous 3-D graphics engine.
- Macword 2007 Game Hall of Fame


Beautifully realized puzzle-game collection delivers fun in many forms
- Macworld Magazine


It’s a polished gaming experience that’s fun, smart and fairly comical



Aside from being visually stunning, and aurally pleasing, the Big Bang Brain Games are just plain fun. Buy them, enjoy them, live well.