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Jump Dewds! Announced


Web-playable preview of Jump Dewds! for iOS promises to liven up the App Store top lists, is 98% bird free

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: March 7th, 2012. At the 2012 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Graveck, creator of Skee-Ball for iOS, has announced an upcoming fresh game for the App Store, Jump Dewds! An exhilarating game of lava-dodging, coin-grabbing chaos, Jump Dewds! features elegant controls, 17 unique Dewds at launch, and real-time multiplayer through Apple’s GameCenter.

Simply tilt your device to move, and tap to jump as coins rain down from the erupting “volcoino” on Dewdawonton Island. Collect the coins to prevent them from destroying the very ground your Dewds stand on. Each Dewd features a unique jump and double-jump that provides you with an opportunity to develop your own favorite play style. Use your coins to unlock more Dewds, levels, and new or upgraded power-ups.

“We are incredibly proud of this game and I think it’s our strongest yet,” said Matthew Gravelle, Co-Founder, Graveck. “Coming off the success of Skee-Ball, which was number one in the App Store for many weeks and downloaded millions of times, we undertook a deep creative process where we created many prototypes to refine our ideas of what really makes a top-notch mobile game. We put all of our passion and love into this game, and I think it really shows. We’re incredibly excited to share it. It has far fewer birds, ropes, and fruit than some of the other top titles out there, and we’re proud to stand behind that.”

Visit to play a GDC-exclusive sneak preview of the single player mode of Jump Dewds! in your web browser, and to download a press kit.

Jump Dewds! will be available as an ad-supported free version and a paid version for $0.99 from the App Store on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Update:  Graveck has decided to release Jump Dewds! for free with no ads!

About Graveck:

Graveck is a Minneapolis based development studio specializing in games developed using the powerful Unity engine. With their unparalleled Unity experience and drive, Graveck creates top-notch web, mobile, and retail boxed games for world renowned clients along with groundbreaking original titles.

Media Contacts:

Matthew Gravelle – Co-Founder

Ty Burks – Creative Director


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