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Great Graveck Giveaway

Holy balls, this is an unbelievable giveaway!

Update: The winners have been announced. The 10 runner-up winners are (Facebook) Eric Vlug, Adam Roark, Chandler Johnson, Erik Chevalier, (Twitter) OnyxFlatto, Vagrant88, ameecq, patsaint, umwonjin, and tumble the pug. The three grand-prize winners are squawky (Twitter), zamzarvideo (Twitter), and Rick Rodriguez (Facebook). We have contacted the winners, but if we don’t hear from a winner within 14 days a new one will be contacted.

Thanks to all of those who entered!

Lick your lips and strengthen your throwing arm as Skee-Ball for the iPhone just got better, way better!  Introducing customizable lanes, themed prize packs, an improved stash, and lots of new prizes.  All this packed into a free upgrade to existing Skee-Ball owners, or just .99 cents for new users!

But wait, there’s more…  we’re giving away totally rad prizes including THREE 32GB iPod Touches and you don’t need to buy or own Skee-Ball.  The Great Graveck Giveaway is starting right now and you can enter the drawing in FOUR different ways to quadruple your chance at winning.  And if for some reason you don’t want a brand-spanking new Skee-Ball Edition iPod*, then you can be one of ten other winners to get an array of awesomely nostalgic arcade prizes (such as styrofoam gliders, finger traps, scented pencils, and wall climbers).

You can enter the the drawing four times if you:

*The “Skee-Ball Edition iPod” is not an actual Apple product.  To be honest, some guy at Graveck carefully opened the packaging to put on an awesome custom Skee-Ball skin, then carefully resealed the package so it’ll be like it was manufactured that way!

For the sake of thoroughness, here’s our extended list of rules…

  1. You will be automatically entered into the Great Graveck Giveaway under four conditions. (1) retweet our official contest message (2) follow our twitter feed (3) “like” our Graveck Facebook page (4) and “like” our Skee-Ball for iPhone Facebook page.
  2. A single person may be entered into the drawing up to four times!  One time for each of the conditions under rule (1).
  3. Existing followers of our twitter will automatically be entered once.  Users who already “like” our Graveck Facebook page will be automatically entered once. Users who already “like” our Skee-Ball for iPhone Facebook page will automatically be entered once.
  4. Winners will be chosen at random.
  5. Although you may retweet and “like” our facebook page as much as you want, you will be entered into the contest no more than four times, one entry for each of the conditions in rule (1).
  6. There are THREE grand prizes!  The grand prize is a 32GB iPod Touch accompanied by totally rad arcade prizes!  The iPod comes equipped with an exciting custom Skee-Ball skin.
  7. There will be 10 additional winners.  The winners of this category will receive a variety pack of timeless and awesome arcade prizes.
  8. You can win only once.
  9. The last day to enter the contest is January 14th. Winners will be announced January 18th.
  10. Winners will be contacted via Facebook message or Twitter PM.  You will be asked to provide a mailing address.  Graveck promises not to save your address or share it with anybody — we hate spam as much as you do!  If you do not respond to our message(s) within 14 days time, we will choose another winner.
  11. No purchase necessary to win the Great Graveck Giveaway!  We figured that was implied….but it makes it sound more official with the words “no purchase necessary.”
  12. As much as we’d love to involve everybody in the contest, we sadly have to limit the eligible winners to those with a mailing address within the Continental US and Canada.  Sorry to those who this leaves out!

Skee-Ball™ is a registered trademark of Skee-Ball Amusement Games.  All rights reserved.  This promotion is solely for the purpose of promoting the Skee-Ball app on the Apple iOS platform.  Skee-Ball for the iOS is developed by Graveck™ and published by Freeverse™.